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Why Booking2Cyprus??

Ease of Payment in Vehicle

It offers a wide range of possibilities with ease of payment in the vehicle. Our vehicles are carefully cleaned and prepared for you every day!

Free Reservation Cancellation

You can cancel your reservations 12 hours in advance for free. Our vehicles are carefully cleaned and prepared for you every day!

Economic Price

We provide your transfer at the most affordable prices. You will reach your destination just in time

Professional Team

All our drivers are experienced and regularly trained. You will reach your destination just in time


Booking2Transfer; You can reach your destination safe and comfortable by using privileged hotel transfer services. We always have extra belongings with us when we go for a vacation with our loved ones. Extra luggage can be more difficult to travel with under some circumstances. But the solution to this problem is quite easy as you can benefit from transfer services whenever you would like. You can get to your hotel without thinking about your extra luggage. Visitors, who would like to benefit from transfer services, can easily get in contact with the company to make a reservation. The reservation process gets even faster by informing the company representative about the date of your travel and the number of people you will be travelling with. Feel free to share your requests at the time of booking for a smooth transfer experience. 

Transfer Services from Any Location to Your Hotel
You can determine your pick up point, including Airport and the bus terminal, to reach your hotel. The friendly and experienced driver will be greeting you with a name tag. All traffic rules are obeyed during your journey to ensure your safety as the company focuses on customer safety and satisfaction. All maintenance and checks of the vehicle you prefer are done in advance. The interior area of the vehicle is cleaned in detail by professional teams so that you can travel in a hygienic environment. The Hotel Transfer services, which are frequently preferred by crowded families and group of friends, is very comfortable and well equipped in order to meet your expectations. You will reach your hotel without getting stuck in traffic thanks to the experienced driver and his knowledge of short cuts. If you are planning to have a vacation with full of privileges, Hotel Transfer services should be a part of it. 

Privileged Hotel Transfer Services
The company is easy to reach for your demands and reservation requests. If you are travelling for the business purposes, you can choose transfer services without any hesitations. So, you can save up some time and handle your unfinished work in the comfortable back seat of the car while travelling. The reservation process is very easy as the company is reachable through the phone or web site. You can get to your destination faster in comfort. Families with children should inform the transfer company by the time of booking, if a baby seat is needed. If you would like to avoid traffic, stress and longer hours of waiting for public transportations to take off, make sure you have reserved your vehicle in advance. You can also surprise your loved ones with this privileged service as they deserve the best.